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26 Week Program

A holistic, evidenced-based approach that gives you control over your type 2 diabetes. Designed by Dr Ross Walker and delivered by our expert health professionals.

Join 1000’s of Australians Defeating Type 2 Diabetes

Our team of accredited dietitians and health coaches at Healthy Gut Australia are here to help you achieve diabetes remission, and give you a brighter future.

Start your journey to better health with Australia’s leading preventative health expert Dr Ross Walker

Dr Ross Walker is Healthy Gut Australia’s Chief Medical Officer. With 40 year’s experience as a clinician, he has a strong passion for health and helping others, and has spent the last 25 years focusing on preventative health.

Dr Walker developed the Diabetes Wellness 26 week program in collaboration with our expert team of health professionals, ensuring it is based on the latest scientific research.

Defeat Diabetes Australia member

Why You’ll Love this Science-Based Program

Learn how to Defeat Type 2 Diabetes and Feel Fitter & Healthier

Evidence-based, progressive solutions – individualised to you.

At Healthy Gut Australia, we know that every person is unique. That’s why our programs are individualised to your lifestyle, preferences and goals. Because that’s how you defeat type 2 diabetes.
With one-on-one support from an accredited dietitian and health coach, access to education webinars, recipe guides and more, our 26 week program has helped thousands improve their diabetes, achieve remission, and create sustainable habits that last.

Our Philosophy and Approach is simple – encompassing Six Critical Components to Combat Type 2 Diabetes

Ready to Defeat Type 2 Diabetes?

If you’re ready to achieve diabetes remission and improve your health, book a FREE assessment with one of our expert consultants from Healthy Gut Australia. This is just an informal chat for you to ask any questions about the program, and see how we can help you get from where you are to where you want to be.

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